mercoledì 5 febbraio 2020

Toxic Shock - Welcome Home... Near Dark (1990)

Thrash Metal from Germany... first press CD rip, quite a rarity nowadays

01. Intro
02. Behind The Guillotine
03. Change From Reality
04. Dragons Eye (The Story Part I)
05. World Power Rules
06. True Insanity
07. One End 
08. Welcome Home... Near Dark (The Story Part II)
09. Termination
10. The Challenge

320 Kbps---> MediaFire

Scans included

2 commenti:

  1. First time i heard TS was around 1992. a friend bought the double album (Vinyl) compilation "the pleasures in life" by Nuclear Blast and i recorded in one cassette some tracks; among that tracks, was 2 or 3 by TS. So far, nothing else from them. Really rare material to find.thanks, tony! Nice job again.

  2. Sepultura's Schizophrenia's flavour, but worse.