domenica 16 febbraio 2020

The Mist - The Hangman Tree (1991)

This is the 2015 digipack reissue... one of the best albums that came from Brasil, surely not inferior to anything done by bands like Sepultura or Sarcofago

1.God of Black and White Images
3.Peter Pan Against the World
4.Falling into My Inner Abyss
5.The Hangman Tree - Act One
6.The Hell Where Angels Live
7.My Life Is an Eternal Dark Room
8.My Pain
9.The Hangman Tree - Epilogue
10.Broken Toys
11.Leave Me Alone
12.Toxin Diffusion (Psychic Possessor cover)

320 Kbps---> MediaFire

Scans included

3 commenti:

  1. Very technical thrash metal. Not so fast but very enjoyable. Nice album!

  2. Please your upload "Deluge - ...of Plague and Conquest" 1999