giovedì 20 febbraio 2020

Rhymes Of Destruction - Requiem / In Remembrance Of Your Gods... (1996)

Pagan Black Metal with some "contaminations"

1.Prologos: Once in a Blue Moon
2.Dark Mysticism
3.Intermezzo #1: Answerring the Call of Osiris
4.Requiem / Burying Your Gods Forever
5.Intermezzo #2: Mourning Sunrise
6.Longing for Darker Days
7.Intermezzo #3: Absurd Deterioration
8.Eurius Journey
9.Intermezzo #4: Warning Virulence
10.Hunting the Hugi
11.Intermezzo #5: Defying the Indomitable
12.Under the Spell of the Mist
13.Epilogos: Perpetuum Mobile

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Scans included

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