venerdì 11 agosto 2017

Various Artists - Mercyful Fate Tribute (1997)

Extreme bands pay homage to the mighty Mercyful Fate

1. Black Funeral (Luciferion)
2. Black Masses (Sacramentum)
3. A Dangerous Meeting (Gardenian)
4. Evil (Snowy Shaw - live)
5. Desecration Of Souls (Armageddon)
6. Gypsy (Emperor)
7. The Oath (Withering Surface)
8. Doomed By The Living Dead (Misanthrope)
9. My Demon (Dimension Zero)
10. Satan's Fall (Immolation)
11. Lady In Black (Dark Tranquillity)
12. Nuns Have No Fun (Deceased)
13. Into The Coven (Notre Dame)

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

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