lunedì 11 maggio 2020

Poltergeist - Nothing Lasts Forever (1993)

2015 reissue with bonus tracks

1. Only You Remain
2. Empty Inside
3. Those Were Better Days
4. Just Doin' My Job
5. Haunted House
6. Nothing Lasts Forever
7. You've Seen The Future
8. Tell Me
9. Darken My Mind
10. Living For The Games

Bonus tracks:
11. Writing On The Wall
12. Inner Space
13. Shooting Star
14. Intro
15. Prophet
16. No More Faith
17. Ziita

Tracks 11 to 13 are taken from the "Writing on the Wall' demo (originally released in 1988)
Tracks 13 to 17 are taken from the demo originally released in 1987

320 Kbps---> MediaFire

Scans included

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  1. Toni, what happened to your "Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life" and "Possessed - Beyond The Gates" rips? Could you upload again someday?

    1. Both albums were reported by DMCA for copyright infringement, so if I post those again it could be a risk for this blog (permanent closure)

    2. Ah! Truth! I remember you said something about Possessed last year. Do you still have links to the files? I had saved in a Mega cloud that for some reason I ended up losing...

      And how are things there in Italy? Are you still in lockdown? Here in Brazil, we are reaching the peak of contagion. I have been at home for two months, unable to go out to work... It is to go crazy... Hopefully everything will return to normal soon, I missed seeing Deicide and Lock Up live because the event was canceled at the last minute...

      Take care Brother!


      Here are all of this.

    4. Both links are deleted, for the safety of my account
      Here in Italy the situation is slowly going to normality, I re-started to work three weeks ago... but it seems there is a lot to wait until we go back as we were ; I hope to see Atheist and Cadaver in concert nexy 11th of september

    5. Here in Brazil, the expectation is to return to normal as of July, with 99% of cases "resolved" by September... I'll be back to work next month.

      Atheist and Cadaver in the same show will be killer!!! Aaaaaarrggghhhh !!!!!!

    6. Thank you @SerenobraK! I'll try to download! I have Beyond The Gates/ The Eyes Of Terror version released by Combat Records.