martedì 21 aprile 2020

Watchtower - Demonstrations In Chaos (2002)

1. Meltdown (Demo)
2. Asylum (Demo) 
3. Argonne Forest (Demo)
4. Social Fears (Demo) 
5. Tyrants in Distress (Demo)
6. Energetic Disassembly (Demo) 
7. Cimmerian Shadows (Demo) 
8. The Eldritch (Demo)
9. Instruments of Random Murder (Demo) 
10. Hidden Instincts (Demo) 
11. The Fall of Reason (Demo) 
12. Control and Resistance (Rehearsal)
13. Cathode Ray Window (Rehearsal) 
14. Ballad Assassin (Live) 
15. Meltdown (Demo)

Tracks 1-7 are the Boss Studio demo of Energetic Disassembly. 
8-11 are from a Control and Resistance demo with Jason McMaster on vocals. 
12 and 13 are rehearsal records. 
14 is an unreleased live track. 
15 is the first demo recording of "Meltdown."

320 Kbps---> MediaFire

Scans included

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