mercoledì 15 aprile 2020

Elbereth - ...And Other Reasons (1995)

Melodic Gothic/Doom from Spain (Paesi Baschi)

1. From The Sea Cliff
2. The Idyllic Place Of Innocence 
3. The End Of The 2nd Act 
4. April Rain 
5. Four Roses In My Heart 
6. The Beautyful Story 
7. Crystal World 
8. ....And Other Reflections 
9. So Much Affliction 
10. Fallen Leaves 
11. Forgotten Forever 
12. Nostalgic Hamonies Brings The Wind 
13. Autumn Concert 

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Scans included

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  1. Hi,thank you so much for your music
    Will you have the Love History-Anasazi album?

    1. See if this works:

  2. Sorry but I've never seen this band before, didn't know they existed