mercoledì 9 novembre 2016

Sadist - Tribe (1995)

Technical/Prog Death Metal from Italy

3.From Bellatrix To Betelgeuse
4.Den Siste Kamp
6.Spiral Of Winter Ghosts
7.The Ninth Wave
8.The Reign Of Asmat

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

7 commenti:

  1. Awesome as always! Why are some of the albums gone like "Under the sign of the black mark" by Bathory? Perhaps you can upload the first two Entombed albums and Death, thanks !

  2. All Death's album have been reported by MEGA for copyright infringment, if you have 4 albums reported in the same account, that account will be closed and everything is deleted... that's why I was forced to erase about 500 albums from this blog (Death, Bathory, Entombed and many others included). Half of the blog is missing now, enjoy the rest... sorry

  3. So thats why some albums were missing. Hey its all good, as long as this blog is running there's no problem at all. What about bands like Darkthrone and Burzum?

  4. Both Darkthrone and Burzum were reported in the past, together with Cradle Of Filth and few others... it's a big risk to upload some bands, sorry again

  5. Again no problem dude. Also how do you know prior to uploading albums by certain artists that they will be reported or is it a risk you take?

  6. I just take the risk, and then I hope to be lucky. I try to post albums not really known, or avoid the BIG names (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest ecc...); obviously I don't post the newest albums, like the new Testament's one... I love the old school, this blog is mainly about 1980/1999 with few exceptions. Running a blog is full of risks, this is my fifth or sixth, I don't remember

  7. Yeah, I get the whole old school metal theme, I too am a huge fan of the older stuff and that's what keeps me coming back to this blog in the first place so thanks. That also sucks a huge portion of the blog had to be taken down. I still see Dissection and Emperor up, could you possibly upload The Somberlain and Anthems to the Welkin At Dusk?