martedì 28 giugno 2022

Various Artists - Fire On The Brain _ Volume 1 (2001)



1.Gorguts - Elusive Treasures

2.Behemoth - Antichrist Phenomenon

3.Internal Bleeding - Alien Breed

4.Diabolic - The Shallowed

5.Macabre - Hitch Hiker

6.Jungle Rot - Circle Of Death/Jungle Rot

7.Withered Earth - Remnants Of An Unfruitful Existence

8.Diabolical Masquerade - 1st Movement

9.Divine Empire - War Torn

10.Fleshgrind - Hatred Embodied

11.Angelcorpse - Wolflust

12.Monstrosity - Dust To Dust

13.Solitude Aeturnus - Mental Pictures

14.Gorguts - La Vie Est Prelude... (La Mort, Orgasme)

15.Divine Empire - Witness To Terror

16.Oppressor - Corrosion

17.Withered Earth - False, Emotion ,Strain

18.Jungle Rot - Humans Shall Pay

19.Diabolic - Possess The Strength

20.Oppressor - Passage

21.Diabolic Masquerade - 17th Movement


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