domenica 22 novembre 2020

Various Artists - Ich Zahl' Nicht Mehr! (1992)

 I always loved these cheap compilations 😋


1. Mordred …Falling Away

2. Kreator …Extreme Aggression

3. Running Wild …Walpurgis Night

4. Rage …Faith

5. Sodom …Agent Orange

6. Dimple Minds …Durstige Männer

7. Heavens Gate …Livin' In Hysteria

8. D.V.C. …Mortal Constrictor

9. Rumble Militia …Way Of Violence

10. Despair …Silent Screaming

11. Demolition Hammer …44 Caliber Brain Surgery

12. Asphyx …Wasteland Of Terror

13. Poltergeist …Delusion

14. Dismember …Override The Overture

15. Pungent Stench …Suspended Animation

16. Meshuggah …We'll Never See The Day

17. Defecation …Popular Belief

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Scans included

Track 12 is listed wrong

4 commenti:

  1. When the groups that appear in the compilations are unknown they are interesting, but when they are groups and songs that you have listened to or even have the original albums, then I do not see any sense, at least to me as I can make my own compilations to my taste and since they have been made for a promotional purpose.;-)

  2. copyrigths denied access to download