mercoledì 1 gennaio 2020

Cruel Criminal - The Shadow Of Judgement Day (1995) [EP]

Happy new year to everybody!!!🎇

We'll begin 2020 with two italian albums: the first one is a nice rarity, the second is something different from the usual stuff I post here

1. Samantha
2. The Shadow of Judgement Day
3. Degeneration Dynamic Cell
4. Filthy Religions

320 Kbps---> MediaFire

Scans included


Various Artists - Phenomena (1985)

This is the original 1987 CD version

1.Claudio Simonetti – Phenomena
2.Iron Maiden – Flash of the Blade
3.Goblin – Jennifer
4.Andi Sex Gang – The Quick and the Dead
5.Goblin – The Wind
6.Bill Wyman and Terry Taylor – Valley
7.Goblin – Sleepwalking
8.Motorhead – Locomotive
9.Andi Sex Gang – You Don’t Know
10.Goblin – Jennifer’s Friend
11.Simon Boswell – The Maggots
12.Andi Sex Gang – The Naked and the Dead

320 Kbps---> MediaFire

Scans included

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  1. Happy New Year Toni!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Heavy New Year for you and all your followers!!! Thank you for "Phenomena". Great movie and excellent music!!!

    Atte: El Embrujado.