lunedì 5 agosto 2019

Diamond Head - Borrowed Time (1982)

2007 digipack reissue with bonus tracks

1 In The Heat Of The Night
2 To Heaven From Hell
3 Call Me
4 Lightning To The Nations
5 Borrowed Time
6 Don't You Ever Leave Me
7 Am I Evil?

Bonus Tracks
8 Trick Or Treat
9 Dead Reckoning
10 Shoot Out The Lights
11 In The Heat Of The Night
12 Play It Loud (Live)
13 Sweet And Innocent (Live)
14 Interview With Sean Harris And Colin Kimberley By Tommy Vance Recorded June '82

Tracks 8-10 are taken from the "Four Cuts" EP, 1982. 11-14 are taken from "In the Heat of the Night" 1982. Track 11 is an edited version of the original.

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Scans included

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    1. Thanks but I'm not interested because this blog is soon to die