martedì 12 giugno 2018

Various Artists - The Pleasures In Life (1989)


1.DefecationVestige Of Earthly Remains    
2.Righteous PigsI Hope You Die In A Hotel Fire
3.PestilenceSocial Climber 
4.PestilenceGraves In Our Mind 
5.Disharmonic OrchestraUnsupported By Evidence    
6.Vermicious KnidsWorm Asylum     
7.Inhuman ConditionsFascist Crap     
8.Pungent StenchFestered Offals
9.Impulse ManslaughterFace It   
10.Rostok VampiresHuman Minds     
11.Rostok VampiresLearn  
12.Vermicious KnidsControlling Interest    
13.DespairRainbow Fools   
14.Chronical DiarrhoeaSick Of You   
15.Chronical DiarrhoeaSenseless Lyrics     
16.Disharmonic OrchestraGenetic Difference     
18.AtrocityHumans Lost Humanity     
19.PestilenceAges Of Chaos       
20.Rostok VampiresI Don't Care
21.Inhuman ConditionsBad Talk
22.Toxic ShockBreak Out   
23.DroogiesNo More Drugs
24.TarnfarbeGet Up    
25.Gold, Frankincense + Disk- DriveThe Nuclear Jacknife
26.DroogiesI Know    
27.Chronical DiarrhoeaSlam      
28.Chronical DiarrhoeaA Contradiction      
29.Chronical Diarrhoea007
30.Rostok VampiresWake Up And Die      
31.Stark Raving MadLife Or Death    
32.PestilenceSocial Order   
33.Righteous PigsIncarcerated (Demo Version)  
34.Pungent StenchPungent Stench
35.No FraudHard To The Core

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

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