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Black Sabbath - Live Murder _ Act I & II (1993) [Bootleg]

One of the rarest bootleg I've ever posted: first CD is a concert with RJ Dio, the second with Ian Gillan

Act I - Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK - 20th January 1981

1. Intro / War Pigs

2.  Neon Knights

3.  N.I.B.

4. Children Of The Sea

5. Sweet Leaf

6.  Lady Evil

7.  Black Sabbath

8.  Die Young

9.  Paranoid

10.  Children Of The Grave

Act II - Reading Festival, UK - 27th August 1983

1. Hot Line

2. War Pigs

3. Black Sabbath

4. Zero The Hero

5. Digital Bitch

6. Iron Man

7. Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple cover)

8. Paranoid

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

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  1. Thanks a LOT, very much appreciated! But as for Act I, the back cover says live in USA, not UK... do you have any different information?

    1. I found only these informations about this bootleg, sorry

    2. You don't have to say sorry at all, thanks again for upload and the info!