giovedì 11 aprile 2024

Braindamage - The Turning Point (1996)

 Second album for these italian thrashers... first one is also available


1. La Grande Guerre 

2. Hospital for the Sick Children

3. No Place to Fall

4. Tour Rouge, Tour Noire, Grey Slabs

5. Ain't Gonna Die for Your Flag

6. Flaming Telepaths (Blue Öyster Cult cover)

7. The Snake Enchanter

8. Aurora

9. Disertori

10. Duryodhana

11. Old Cold Harbor

12. The Turning Point

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

5 commenti:

  1. IGNORANCE - 1991 The Confident Rat (Touchup 2024):

  2. Silly question time, what does "(Touchup 2024)" mean? official remaster, fan remaster or something totally different?

    1. Not silly question.
      It can be called 'Fan Remaster', but it would not be correct because technically a Master or Remaster is made from the studio stereo audio mix, while Touchups are made from audio extracted from finished products (digital download , vinyl, compact discs, cassettes, etc.) which, in general, are assumed to have already gone through the mastering process. Remastering is re-mastering from the stereo audios at another time, generally to compete in the Loudness War, although lately things seem to be changing for the better for some groups and musical styles.

    2. Thank you for the explanation and the music.

    3. yes thanks for explaining