sabato 1 agosto 2020

Malhavoc - The Release (1990)

Tracks 1-8 from The Release
Tracks 9-14 are from the " Shrine " EP (1988)

1 Release
2 S.C.E.X.
3 Second Image
4 Cruciform
5 A Portrait Of (William Wilson)
6 Age Of Desire
7 Released
8 S.C.E.X. (XXX-Rated)
9 Age Of The Dark Renaissance / Urbain Grandier
10 Attack From The Sepulcher
11 Empirical Minds
12 Dunwich Horror
13 Dread
14 Trial And Error / Of Reanimators And Immortals / From Beyond / Deathtrance

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included


Nuclear Assault - Game Over (1986)

1999 reissue including the EP " The Plague " (1987)

1.Live, Suffer, Die
3.Cold Steel
5.Radiation Sickness
6.Hang The Pope
7.After The Holocaust
8.Mr Softee Theme
9.Stranded In Hell
10.Nuclear War
11.My America
13.Brain Death

14.Game Over
16.Butt Fuck
18.The Plague
19.Cross Of Iron

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

7 commenti:

  1. "Game Over" has one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen! Thank you!
    Post "Survive" later, if you have it! 😁

    1. I have "Survive" only in vynil, so I can't post it

    2. If you know and have an audio card you can digitize it, that is, convert it into a .wav file, create a .cue file, to have a list of the songs and be able to extract them individually, and later convert them to .mp3 if you want. It is not difficult, you just have to follow some security steps to avoid cutting the signal peaks when transcoding and little else.

    3. Toni, I have a great CD rip like yours! Send me your email if you are interested in posting it here.
      I'll send you a Mega link from my cloud.

  2. @Serenobrak, thanks for the info but I should buy a decent turntable because mine is quite crappy. By the way, I have never been interested in vynil ripping honestly

    @Grim, I prefer posting only Cd rips of my collection, thanks

    1. Objectively, CD extractions are better than vinyl or cassette ones, due to the range of frequencies and dynamic range they are capable of reproducing, despite vinyl retro-fans. They believe that the mastering that is done for the vinyl, which gives it a more 'natural' sound ... they call it warm, it cannot be done for CDs ... they are wrong!
      And yes, if you have a crappy turntable (as I do) it doesn't worth to transcode it.

    2. Ok! No problem Toni!