martedì 23 giugno 2020

Handful Of Hate - Hierarchy 1999 (1999)

Black Metal from Italy

1. The XI Wings of Death
2. Disparity
3. Fleshcrawling Blasphemy
4. Stifled into Extremism
5. The Slaughter of the Slave-Gods
6. Scars of Damnation
7. Master's Pleasure
8. The Bleeding Lips of Grace
9. Submission (The Fine Art of Sodomy)
10. The Rise of Abomination

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Scans included

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  1. Ten artykuł na pewno polecę mojemu znajomemu bo jego takie coś naprawdę bardzo interesuje.

  2. Hello,
    Night In Gales - Thunderbeast (1998) not Remaster 2008, please bro

    1. I don't have it... you can buy a cheap copy if you search in Discogs; cheers