domenica 24 novembre 2019

Naked Sun - Naked Sun (1991)

Classy Progressive with an awesome singer

1. The Moment (A Moment Later C.M.F)
2. A Song on Fire
3. A Title for Glenn
4. Rite to Life
5. Rest Area
6. Stillborn
7. Bleeding Line
8. Blackberry Saturday
9. Psycho-Activate
10. Rock Corps
11. Next Stop, Chapel Perilous

320 Kbps---> MediaFire

Scans included

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  1. Hello tony...mediafire said the archive is blocked. Is there any other cloud to host him?

  2. The link for "Acessory - W Y M" is working. This, for N.S.; is full of propagandas and spam (probably viruses...) btw...

  3. Download done through my desktop. Link not working through my smartphone. Thanks for share!

    1. I downloaded perfectly on my smartphone, using Google Chrome and Opera Mini.

    2. I always download the archives posted here through my smartphone; his operating system is android; use Google chrome too. i don´t know what happened. whatever it was, i 've downloaded.

  4. Mine is android too, I like to use Opera Mini because of Adblock, but it no longer opens links from Mega and Cloud.mail, in this case I use Chrome.

  5. Hi!
    Where are these guys from? Can't find that info online. Cheers :D