martedì 29 ottobre 2019

Various Artists - Metal Hammer From Scandinavia (1988)

Soooo much good stuff in this compilation


1.Crystal Pride - Knocked Out
2.Crystal Pride - Venus
3.Crystal Pride - Magic Man
4.Crystal Pride - The Final Eclipse
5.Shere Khan - Quite Enough For Love
6.Shere Khan - We Got It Comin'
7.Shere Khan - Familiar Emotions
8.Shere Khan - The Crowd Is Gettin' Hungry
9. Shere Khan - The Fork
10.Lynx - My Own Way
11.Lynx - Final Race
12.Lynx - Nothing In Return
13.Lynx - Nightwalker
14.Lynx - Don't Fool Me
15.Lazy - Rock On
16.Lazy - Crazy New York City
17.Lazy - Creature
18.Lazy - Sail Away
19.Lazy - Strange Woman

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Scans included

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