giovedì 19 settembre 2019

Various Artists - Screams From Italy (1994)

Italian compilation of underground bands, only few survived

1     Beyond Redemption Echoes Stop My Bleeding    
2     Funeral Oration Pagan Joy    
3     Calvary Thy Fading Throne    
4     Hybris  Sons Of 8th Day    
5     Glacial Fear Antarctica    
6     Gory Blister The Voyage Out (To The Light Unseen)    
7     Profanatum  In The Age    
8     Agonia Breed    
9     Desecration Circle Of Existence    
10     Detestor Wars    
11     Angel Death Until The Sacrifice    
12     Hecatomb Society Needs Monsters    
13     Hastur  Listen To The Silence    
14     Endaymynion Dicahedral Shimmering    
15     Faust  Purity In Evil    
16     Blood Stained Host Bloody Tears    
17     Brainwash     My Favourite Thing

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Scans included

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