giovedì 27 giugno 2019

Terrahsphere - Third In Order Of The Sun (1991)

AvantgardeProgressiveThrash very original and brilliant... this is the 2016 reissue with bonus tracks

1. Re-Emergence of Atlantis  
2. Under the Black Moon
3. Plan of Observation
4. New Clear Day
5. Intro: Terracoustic
6. I the Beast
7. Inheritance
8. Time Corridors of the Planeterrah
9. Scigoreality
10. What Was and Will Be Again

11. Vicious Circles ('88 demo)
12. Gaffinbash ('88 demo)
13. Greed e Bastard ('88 demo)
14. Food for the Ants ('88 demo)
15. The Tale ('88 demo)

Tracks 11-15 taken from the 1988 Eternally Scarred demo recorded under the name Gaffinbash.

First CD appearance of "Intro: Terracoustic" and "I the Beast". They were listed as a combined track on the original CD but did not appear due to a pressing error.

320 Kbps---> MediaFire

Scans included

3 commenti:

  1. Plan of Observation is a great song!

  2. Excellent album, didn't know this band before! Thanks for your effort!

  3. I believe the rar archive is corrupt. I've downloaded the file more than twice but each time i wasn't able to extract the files. Hopefully we'll get a new healthy rar file of this cd.