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Renaissance - The Death Of Art (1994)

Music for empty rooms VOL.1

Two songs, 70 minutes!!! This Belgian band started out as an atmospheric doom/death metal band but with this release they left the death metal vocals and added rather original and weirder parts to their music. I would described this album as avant-gardist/progressive/doom metal!

1. The Death Of Art (40:08)
2. Archway (30:38)

Track 1:
Recorded at The Electric Ballroom, ABC Studio, Studio 20.
Lyrics based on the poem by John Hymers.

Track 2:
"Archway" (demo 1992) recorded at Studio C and Studio 20, August 1992.
Re-mastered at The Electric Ballroom, January 1994.
Mastered as just one track on the CD. 

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

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