sabato 16 settembre 2017

Various Artists - Brazilian Assault (2000)

1.Abhorrence - Triumph in Blasphemy
2.Abhorrence - Hellish Annihilation
3.Abhorrence - Abhorer Existence
4.Ophiolatry - Opposite Monarchy
5.Ophiolatry - Chaos Domination
6.Ophiolatry - Breaking the Bones of Jesus
7.Nephasth - Gloomy Words
8.Nephasth - Flames Triumph
9.Nephasth - Merciless Controller
10.Nephasth - Inquiring Fear
11.Mental Horror - Tortured
12.Mental Horror - Profane Mind
13.Mental Horror - Flight on the Storms (Bass Intro)
14.Mental Horror - Ghost (Under Therapy in a Crypt)
15.Mental Horror - The Psychosis From the Picture
16.Mental Horror - Enigmatical Human Hatred

17.Mental Horror - A Change of Serial Precognitions

320 Kbps---> MEGA

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