sabato 15 aprile 2017

Various Artists - Against All Gods (1993)

Sampler of primarily Dutch metal bands, with a industrial metal track at the start and a gabba/metal track at the end.

Slave Labour        386
Stentorian                Spirals Of The Downfall
Godsend                Slaydream
Desultory                    Decapitated
Perpetual Demise       Massacre To Be
Nightfall                Thoughts
Radical Retard        Low Life
Ulcerate Fester        Reign Of Terror
Ulcerate Fester        The Stench Of Bloodshed
10 Black Death         Dirty Filthy Bastards
11 Mephitic                The Sweet Suffering
12 Crypt Of Kerberos    The Canticle
13 O.K.D.                 It's Great To Be Alive
14 Flaming Anger         Atomic Cafe
15 Titanium UNh         The Power

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

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