sabato 22 ottobre 2016

Various Artists - Screams From Italy Vol. III (1997)

1.Excrucior   Glare Of Sun     
2.Moonrise   The Unknown Land 
3.Gothica           Nothingness 
4.De Profundis Clamavi   A Dying Pose
5.Maelstrom   ...And Sorrow 
6.Disease   Empty-Handed Empty  
7.Aydra   Icon Of Sin     
8.Hellrage   Prelude To A Funeral Sun   
9.Addiction '96   Blind Devotion Came
10.Mad-Die   Betrayed   
11.Armagedon   Subconscious Visions    
12.Exsecror   Silence       
13.Athrazina   Like A Train    
14.Quiet Flower   Cemetery Of Emotions     
15.Crepuscolo   I Saw You Dying   
16.Nowhere   Summer In The Abyss      
17.Incinerated   My Favourite Asshole Sucking Girls

320 Kbps---> MEGA

Scans included

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