lunedì 31 dicembre 2018

Root - The Book (1999)

This is the 2010 I Hate Records reissue with bonus tracks

1. The Book
2. The Mystical Words of the Wise
3. The Curse - Durron
4. Why?
5. Corabeu - Part One
6. Corabeu - Part Two
7. The Birth
8. Lykorian
9. The Message of the Time
10. Remember Me!
11. Darkoutro - ...Toccata - Prestissimo Molto

Bonus tracks:
12The Curse - Durron (Pre-Production 1997)
13Lykorian (Demo Version 1 / Unreleased 1997)
14Lykorian (Demo Version 2 / Unreleased 1997)
15Corabeu Part One Lykorian (Demo Version 1997)

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Scans included

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  1. Próspero "2019" para todos os camaradas leitores deste infame blog! Estou um pouco bêbado e ouvindo vários discos retirados daqui, por isso não escreverei em inglês! Forte abraço para você Tony Lanza e que mantenha a chama ascesa por muito e muitos anos! Hailz from Brazil!!!!!

  2. This is not 'Black Metal', at least I don't tag it like that.
    It's more like 'Pagan Epic Heavy Metal', like Manowar with pagan influences or somewhat.

    1. Pagan Metal is not a genre!
      Under Pagan tag you can go with Heavy, Death or whatever...
      Blackened Heavy Metal? So I put in my Foobar library.
      Grazie Paisa'

  3. After listen to it several times I have to say that despite of the bad mix(production imo), this album has great songs within which I'm surprised I like them.:-)