domenica 2 settembre 2018

Various Artists - Total Virulence (1990)

French compilation

1. Loudblast : Punishment To Come
2. Merciless :Without Christ
3. Scrotum : Sudden War
4. Aleister : Schizophrenia
5. Mestema : Unknown Reality
6. Death Power : Open Your Eyes
7. Frayeurs : A Step Forward
8. Braindeath : The Light Beyond

320 Kbps---> ZippyShare

Scans included

9 commenti:

  1. Hi Toni.
    I want to ask if you would be interested in a Touchup version of this one, that I've done.
    I think the songs deserved some more sound quality.
    Thanks for your blog.

    1. At least, if you're not interested could say 'no, thanks'.
      I'm not forcing you to accept nothing, but at least could give me an answer, man.

    2. Sorry, only now I noticed your message... however, what is a touchup version?

  2. A Remastered version is done from the final mix of the songs(what is called the master). A Touchup version is a 'Remastered' version done from the retail CD, or in this case from your 320kbps .mp3 files. On both, the same processes and techniques apply, the only difference is the audio source.
    I can post the link to direct download it here, in the comments, for you to hear, if you want.

  3. Well, here you have the download link of some albums of your blog that I think improve with the touchup versions.
    Download and listen, I would like to read your opinion about.

  4. I listened your version of this album, and it sounds more powerful and clear, good job surely... how did you do that? Do you have a professional studio?

    1. I have a home studio, a little studio in my room.
      I have done this like all the majority audio productions are done nowadays, digitally. Using plugins on my PC and a good interface although in these cases there's no need to record any instrument.

  5. I downloaded the zip and i can't open it! Can you fix it?