mercoledì 12 settembre 2018

Desecrator - Subconscious Release (1991)

Death Metal from the UK... This is the 2012 reissue with bonus tracks

1. Subconscious Release
2. Nothing Changes Anything
3. Ineffectual Condition
4. Repressive Acceptance
5. Killing Joke
6. Insult to Intelligence / Deadline
7. The Suffering

Bonus tracks:
8. Exit Through the Weakness
9. Breathe Change
10. Our Division
11. Bleed It's Character

320 Kbps---> ZippyShare

Scans included

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  1. Could you post Speed Metal Hell compilation (Rock Brigade Records/New Renaissance Records) 1,2 and 3?


    1. I don't have those compilations, and I can't rip vinyls. Maybe other blogs/sites could help you better, because I rip only CDs