domenica 26 agosto 2018

g//z/r - Plastic Planet (1995)

First album for this Geezer Butler solo-project, with Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) on vocals, and the great Deen Castronovo on drums

1. Catatonic Eclipse 
2. Drive Boy Shooting 
3. Giving Up the Ghost 
4. Plastic Planet 
5. The Invisible 
6. Seance Fiction 
7. House of Clouds 
8. Detective 27 
9. X13 
10. Sci-Clone 
11. Cycle of Sixty

320 Kbps---> ZippyShare

3 commenti:

  1. the rar file is corrupt and won't extract

    1. It isn't corrupt, you have to update your winrar or install 7z.

  2. But G/Z/R's sophomore album 'Black Science' is way better than this one.