sabato 30 giugno 2018

Various Artists - Fuck You We're From Denmark Vol.1 (1992)

1- Detest Gathering Of Darkness
2- Illdisposed …Reversed    
3- Exhaust …Time Of Pleasure
4- Agonize …The Disclosure
5- Geronimo …Bastards Will Pay
6- Corrosive …Rain   
7- CyborgShower The World - Cybernetic Orgasm
8- Disaster Area …The Origin Of Species
9- Dark Region …Into Revelation
10- Iniquity …Forn
11- Moratorium …No
12- Avoid …Dreamland
13- Caustic …Deeds Of Perfection
14- Iconoclasm …Beyond Life
15- Abattoir ...The Pain Of Life

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Cancer - Death Shall Rise (1991)

2014 reissue with live bonus tracks

1.Hung, Drawn And Quartered
2.Tasteless Incest 
3.Burning Casket
4.Death Shall Rise
5.Back From The Dead
6.Gruesome Tasks
7.Corpse Fire
8.Internal Decay

9. Hung, Drawn and Quartered (live)
10. Blood Bath (live)

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Scans included

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  1. Thanks for Various Artists - Fuck You We're From Denmark Vol.1 (1992). I was looking for it, danish compilations from '90 I think worth to listen. Do you have other volumes?

  2. Thanks a lot too and also that Cancer album is a fuckin' killer! Keep up the good work!

  3. Do you have Volume 2 of Fuck You We're From Denmark?

    1. No but I'm looking for it because it has so many good bands inside