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Desecration - The Valley Of Eternal Suffering (1993) [EP]

Technical Death Metal from Italy

1. Experiment 49
2. Reincarnation Of Soul
3. Corpse Embodiment
4. The Valley Of Eternal Suffering
5. Premature Explant
6. Corrosive Infection

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Scans included


Rage - 10 Years in Rage _ The Anniversary Album (1994)

2..She Killed and Smiled
3..Destination Day
4..Take My Blood
5..No Sign of Life
7..The Unknown
8..Dangerous Heritage
9..Prayers of Steel '94
10..The Blow in a Row

320 Kbps---> Zippyshare

This is an album with unreleased songs recorded for a first time or re-worked and re-recorded from demo versions.

1. Vertigo - it was probably written at time of "Reign of Fear" sessions.
2. She Killed and Smiled - it was Avenger song "Stay Wild" - here it re-arranged and lyrics re-written.
3. Destination Day - it was Avenger song - here it totally re-worked.
4. Take My Blood - it was written at time of "Trapped!" sessions.
5. No Sign of Life - it was instrumental song from "The Missing Link" sessions - also exists as demo version.
6. Submission - it was written at time of "Execution Guaranteed" sessions.
7. The Unknown - it was written at time of "Perfect Man" tour.
8. Dangerous Heritage - new song, written in 1994 year.
9. Prayers of Steel '94 - re-recorded version of Avenger song with slightly different lyrics.
10. "The Blow in a Row" is a medley containing parts from:
- Suicide
- Down by Law
- Don't Fear the Winter
- Invisible Horizons
- Waiting for the Moon
- Enough Is Enough
- Solitary Man
- Nevermore

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