venerdì 23 settembre 2016

Kreator - Endless Pain (1985)

This is the 2000 reissue: bonus material taken from Tormentor (pre-Kreator) demo tape End of the World

01.Endless Pain
02.Total Death
03.Storm of the Beast
05.Sign of Evil
06.Flag of Hate
07.Cry War
08.Bone Breaker
09.Living in Fear
10.Dying Victims

Bonus Tracks:
11 Tormentor-Armies Of Hell
12 Tormentor-Tormentor
13 Tormentor-Cry War
14 Tormentor-Bonebreaker

320 Kbps---> MEGA

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  1. I can`t find anything on my Endless Pain Reissue CD. Mine has 15 tracks. First track is an Intro around 1 minute long. It`s a red disc both sides. None of the bonus tracks are listed on the case. Only ones listed are the same as my 1985 Endless Pain. was there a Collectors, Limited, Anniversary, or some sort of special release or something?! I`ve been searching and searching but can`t find an answer. Getting tired of going in circles. I would be quite thankful for any info.

  2. This is the version I posted:

    A quite common version, surely not a rarity

  3. Good thrash.

    Favorite tracks:
    Living in Fear
    Dying Victims