domenica 9 agosto 2015

Amboss - Those Who Have Lost The Right To Exist (1994)

Death Metal from Germany

1. Christian Damnation
2. Common Sons
3. Lost ...
4. Maze Of Dreams
5. Reborn
6. Reign Of The Moon (Or The Symphonies of Sarajevo)
7. Suicidal Overdose
8. Temples of Evil
9. Outro

320 Kbps---> MEGA

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  1. Thanks man. Great upload. Good ol school dm.

  2. I believe the tracklist is wrong. The one above (and on the mp3s) is the same as the one shown at Discogs and on the back of the CD but may have been an original misprint. On Track 5 ("Reborn") above you can clearly hear the chorus "Christian Damnation" being sung. That matches the corrected tracklist shown on Encyclopedia Metallum.

    I obviouslt

  3. Also, cheers for the upload and the blog in general! Love what you're doing.