martedì 23 giugno 2015

Exciter - Long Live The Loud (1985)

2005 reissue with bonus tracks

1. Fall Out
2. Long Live The Loud
3. I Am The Beast
4. Victims Of Sacrifice
5. Beyond The Gates Of Doom
6. Sudden Impact
7. Born To Die
8. Wake Up Screaming
9. Feel the Knife

10. Violence and Force (live)

11. Pounding Metal (live)
320 Kbps---> MEGA 
Scans included

2 commenti:

  1. Beyond killer, finally the sound of this issue is PERFECT!!! ...just I´ve been wondering why, isn´t the 2004 re-issue version of EXCITER´s VIOLENCE & FORCE available in no blog at all??? only the shitty ass .192/.160 or even shitty ass .320 of the dited 99 Steamhammer reissue are available, like in mass... and if you do happen to be able to get it, supposedly uploaded directly from a vinyl, it is not correctly recorded/uploaded unto the computer, so it still sounds like shit... I dunno ape shit about how metal or other blogs work, and what kind, or if any at all, benefit goes to the owner or publisher of the blog when publishing records, but would´t it be possibly convenient, or good, that if you could get this record, you could place it for download in your killer list, so it´ll be the only blog where this specific version of the record would be available with the true killer sound I remember it has??? ...and of course I would fuckin KILL to have that one on the collection, it´s the only one missing.... Thanks & true hails for all, keep killing......

  2. All I could give you is a CD rip of the 1999 Steamhammer reissue, that's all I have, but I don't think you are interested to it... obviously I don't earn any money with this blog, it's just a hobby...cheers